I was hoping to give you some good news, but it is hard to find.
We are following the CA/SLOCO “shelter-at-home” orders, thus there will be no SLO RAM activity requiring attendance until the orders are lifted.I fearlessly predict that will be through April. We will look hard at when to start again, aware that our segment of the population appears especially vulnerable to the serious effects of the coronavirus.
Unlike, it seems, the rest of the world, we continue to be in good financial shape (as long as Madonna Inn continues to waive fees for our non-use) and our liability insurance is in place (although it doesn’t cover coronavirus).  Your Executive and Program Committees are staying in touch and we continue talking to Madonna Inn.
We will keep you informed of any changes in a timely way.  As we all are aware, our personal priorities are to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. It is consuming and scary, requiring vigilance.  But this too shall pass.   Then the SLO RAMs will be there for us.
Bill Woodson

Welcome to RAM Branch #2

The purpose of the Retired Active Men Branch #2 is to promote fellowship by helping retired men renew former friendships and establish new acquaintances through affiliation with other retired men. Our membership includes veterans and doctors, farmers and salesmen, professors and coaches, artists and musicians, judges and lawyers, city managers and corporate presidents, wine and beer buffs, and many more. We espouse no political party, religious, philanthropic or social enterprise. We meet just for fun: to enjoy friends and programs which enhance the enjoyment, dignity and independence of retirement. We sponsor activities that are of interest to our members.

Monthly Meetings

We meet at 11:30 on the third Tuesday of every month in the Garden Room of the Madonna Inn. The meetings include lunch, a raffle, and presentations by RAMs and outside speakers on a wide range of subjects. Views expressed by the speakers are their own, and an invitation to speak does not reflect an endorsement by the Rams.

(Left to right) Bill Fieldhouse, asst Treasurer, Rich Pescatore, Treasurer, Bill Woodson, Big RAM, Roy Cinowalt, outgoing Big RAM, Steve Lumm, Secretary and Ken Lann, asst. Secretary.